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Toys & Electrical Assembly Inspection, Fault Detection and Product Recovery

Inspection of Toys

Toys, especially toys for small children need to be safe. Soft toys cab be contaminated with sharp metal or plastic parts that could cause a potential risk to children. Real Time X Ray Inspection of toys and similar products whilst they are still in their original packaging is a cost effective way of ensuring products are safe. The same inspection technology can be used to check that all items in a blister pack package are actually included.

Any other packaged products can also be reliably inspected for correct contents and possible contamination in this way. At Euroteck we are able to process palletised products, working 24 hours if necessary to ensure that your production and delivery schedules are not interrupted.

Product Recovery

Product recovery is an important part of our business. Real Time X Ray is ideally suited to this because it is usually not necessary to remove items from packaging to inspect.

Typical product recovery scenarios are in the food industry; when at the end of a manufacturing process it is discovered that part of a processing machine has been damaged and some parts of it may have contaminated the product. The product has by now been completely packaged and is ready for delivery to the customer.

A packaging process requires that a number of different items are included in the final packing. At the end of the day it is discovered that not all of the items have been packed and there is a risk of some incomplete packs being sent out. Which packs are incomplete?

Usually with product recovery it is impractical or simply not cost effective to unpack every item to find the contaminated or incomplete packs. Real Time X Ray Inspection can usually offer a solution.

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