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Counterfeit Product Identification

The number of counterfeit products on the market has increased exponentially over recent years. This does not just affect designer clothes and jewellery. Industrial products and components are now being copied and the consequences can be very serious. Counterfeit products include spare parts for aircraft and aircraft engines, automotive components including safety critical parts, electronic components and assemblies, computer chips and semiconductor devices, Pharmaceutical products including drugs.

Real Time X Ray Inspection can be used to positively identify counterfeit products where the external construction, packaging and labelling is indistinguishable from the real product. Often the evidence is inside the product where poor workmanship and inferior components have been used to copy the original part. The removal of suspect parts from the packaging and Physical dis-assembly is usually impractical or not cost effective but real time X Ray can be applied quickly and economically to provide the required evidence.

Because Euroteck have a number of real time X Ray systems with differing capabilities, we can apply the most appropriate technique to reliably detect the counterfeit products and also provide the documentary evidence to help in any legal action.

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